Johnny Meets His Match by bluewoods

A brief tale featuring our favorite arsonist, Johnny Pyro.
(Johnny Pyro lore has its roots in the extemporaneously invented example sentences I produced for my composition students. Thus, although this story has no educational value, Johnny was--at least originally--a very educational figure, despite having little education himself.)
Review by broadwaydude
03 Nov 2021
I liked the writing and how the links were incorporated into the sentences. I got a good laugh out of it. All in all, it was a short sweet game.

Review by Bravo
06 Jul 2021

Review by 1234676543224
24 Feb 2021
Its great! You really know Johnny and how he would respond to certain situations.

Review by mdemslie1
13 Dec 2018
Bravo Mr. Maycock. I loved it

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