Warrior Cats by BittyKitty

As a young cat in the warriors universe, you struggle to make your way in a broken society that seems to crumble further apart the older you get. How will any cat, young or old survive, much less flourish in this world? Something needs to but done. No-one knows what to do and not many even care, but you know that things must change.

This is a massive WIP and I don't often I time to work on it, but I'll try my best to get it finished eventually. Currently, the only playable character is Fawnkit.
Review by Detective
01 Apr 2020
The game is really good! I have a massive WIP myself, although it's for school I think I got carried away.. Anyway it's a great game, I just kinda wanted like an option in one of the kits play where you could either play with others or do something independent. Just a suggestion..

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