The Curse of Gazaroth by Lighthouse


You are a lonesome traveler who sumbles upon a village and discovers a terrible secret ... the village is cursed. To lift the curse, you must explore the village, investigate the surroundings, locate powerful items and evade death. And what will you do when you realize that to defeat evil you must embrace a little darkness youself?

Note to text-based game lovers:

This is my very first text text-based game, and I would love it if you would play if and tell me what you think. I welcome criticism. Seriously, anything you feel like criticizing - my game, my bad spelling, my lack of attention to detail, my stupid haircut - feel free to express your criticisms and I will take them into account. This game is still in beta testing. Please tell me if you find any glitches.

What you need to know:
- You can talk to the characters in the game by typing "talk to [name of character]".
- Additionally you can ask characters about various topics by typing "ask [name of character] about [keyword]".
- Look at things. Item descriptions often give important hints.
- Enjoy the experience that is text-based gaming.

Please comment or rate if you like my game.

Contact me at: [email protected]

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Review by KYS
26 Jul 2016
Hard to completely grasp, but quite entertaining!

Review by Troeiploertt23
25 Dec 2015
Wow, this was a really fun and cool game. Please make more!!

Review by Rteraule
24 Dec 2015

Review by DerpyTheMoonBear
20 Dec 2015
The all time best textgame you will ever play. everything is so intricately lined out. it is truly a master piece. please make more!!!

Review by Fnaokte
20 Dec 2015
Cool game man, i really enjoyed it.

Review by Arkaney
11 Nov 2015
I'm not a reader (At all!) but taking my time going through this game was my time well spent. I found myself getting lost a few times but that'd be the lack of sense of direction on my part. Truly a fun text adventure!

Review by Glaxtusorghini
10 Nov 2015
Awesome XD!

Review by Sherlock Homie
02 Jun 2015
This was guud man. You hav a good feel for the fantasy genre.

Review by MakeMeMove
02 Jun 2015
Pretty good. Some parts were quite hard, but that only made it better. You could improve on the fighting.

Review by Jp_
06 May 2015
Cool game, I do not usually play these types of games, but I enjoyed this one a lot. The descriptions were well written, with an interesting story, however one thing that could be improved on is the combat mechanic. Overall, I don't think it was a big problem, and the game was fun to play.

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 25 Apr 2015
Updated 12 Jun 2016