The Afterlife by Reagan.David

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This story is about a gathering you host with your friends. You have the option to either summon your best friend who passed away years ago or choose to watch a scary movie. Throughout the narrative, you will encounter various alternative endings and confront an array of choices along the way.

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Review by aoibhestephenson
19 Mar 2024
pretty sigma alpha.

Review by Fartcloud99
15 Mar 2024
"The Afterlife" is a game following the main character who finds an Ouija board with her friends. This game has a smart concept but is not executed in a way that meets expectations. The game has a clear story that is easy(ish) to follow but does not make me feel like I'm in the moment, just like I'm taping “continue” over and over and over again. There are close to no spelling errors and it has a plot, but everything is so random and quite boring. The game ends randomly, obviously not finished.

There is no build-up to this game and not enough backstory. You tap on a choice and boom you're somewhere new. It does not tell you how, or even why really. I was so confused reading this and the author could've written more. This game is so underdetailed and I hate having such negative things to say, but I can only give this game 2 stars.

Review by walkerlota
14 Mar 2024
This is a descriptive story with a lot of suspense that gets you hooked. I loved the detail. It made me feel like I was there in the setting. When I say it gets you hooked, it does! Once I started playing this game I couldn’t stop playing it. However, since this is a frightening story, if you do not enjoy that genre of entertainment, maybe skip on this one.

Although this is a great game there are a few spelling, grammar errors, run-on sentences, and lots of you and yours. But it doesn't take away from the descriptive story, nor did it confuse me while reading it.

In conclusion, this is an awesome and well-written game. Overall, I give this game 4 stars!


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