Expedition Alpha by abba2566

Man has finally achieved faster than light travel by using tiny particles of antimater to create singularities that can provide enough power to send a ship faster than light. The method is still fairly unstable. The year is 2189 and the Earth has been through some hard times, most of North America was destroyed after Yellowstone erupted with the Canadian Alliance being one of the only governments in that region still intact. Russia and Europe came together totally to form the European Empire which has become the largest government on the planet and they have pursued peace and have stopped all hostilities between Europe and the rest of the world. The singularity drive was invented here. Now a message to the whole world has been sent out for people to come for tests to be part of the 200 crew that will pilot the ESS Celestial Pathfinder which is a ... class starship with the type 2 singularity drive that will head to the Proxima Centauri system to scan for any habitable planets in the region and then around its close neighbours, the 2 alpha Centauri stars.

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Review by Silver
05 Aug 2013
I keep hitting dead ends where the story neither gives any more choices or concludes. I don't doubt that you've put a lot of work into this - I like the bits you have done although another glance over the spelling wouldn't harm - but you'd be surprised how quickly it takes for a game that's taken you hours to build to be played, especially with choose your own advetures. I liked the animated graphic when I tried t back out of a test and the ship exploded but you really need to spend quite a bit more time on this so all the various story paths have some meat to them. Judging on what you've done, a couple more weeks plugging awaybat this will turn out something quite nice.

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Published 01 Aug 2013
Updated 14 Aug 2013

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