The Shack by Mataeus

"Cold, naked and confused, you open your eyes to a place you don't recognise..."

The Shack v1.4 (c) System Masters 2020
[email protected]

A classic text adventure. This means typing and drawing your own map! System Masters games never insta-kill you or put you in unwinnable situations. You are encouraged to explore and experiment. No adult themes, no bad language. Lots of intrigue, lots to do.

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Review by Toki <3
07 Apr 2021
One of my favorite games. Fantastic and very fun. I really love the whole atmosphere. I haven't completely finished yet, but I'm close! Please make more games like this one, I really enjoyed it (and am enjoying it)!

Review by GBGAMES
07 Apr 2021
Tried to play it online, but so much better if you download it.

We wanted to leave a review to say it's a long time since we become stuck on an adventure, and the atmosphere kept us going. Still not beat it, but building the raft is genius.

Sound effects really make it! One small critique is not all graphics have same "style" but still five out of five for us. Please make more with same atmosphere, brilliant!

GB Games

Review by Delovi
03 Dec 2020
As others have said, a fantastic game. Wasn't expecting the mixed genres especially towards the end. Took me ages to find one of the keys but the clue was in the text, I just missed it!

Loved the extra discription as you go to New locations for the first time.

Hopefully you'll do a sequel, I'd love that!


Review by Technologist
01 Dec 2020
Damn good adventure! Loved the mystery and writing. Great atmosphere with use of sounds adding to it.

Puzzles are tough but fair - examine everything, not just what "you can see".

I was able to do a lot of things I wanted to do that other games might not let you, the author has thought of a lot of different things.

Honestly, this is a cut above the norm.

Easy 5/5

Review by Alexander23
27 Nov 2020
Really love this game, one of the best for me. There are many hidden and subtle clues, and it'll make you want to know more about the character. My tips for everyone: try doing everything, even the simplest one, and pay attention to the room/object descriptions. Some people may think it's hard, but it's doable and fun!

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