Mlp love is magic! Classic (Done Sorry) by mlp Rainbow Dash

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Thanks for everything guys! This game started as a small test project for me and my friends(MLP Twilight Sparkle, MLP AppleJack and MLP Fluttershy) to use for tutorials. You all have inspired us to make a part two for your kind time!

_________------->>>>>>>>>>>>NEW GAME IS OUT! EARLY RELEASE!!!!!!!!!

*I wont be adding no more updates. Sorry.*

--Romantic♥ version of mlp Fim!

-Granny Smith's house
-More Achievement's!
You are gonna love this picture filled game, where you have fun with the ponies of Equestria!!!

-All game development has been suspended due to a sequel that is currently being made.
--Thanks for support, (mlp AppleJack, mlp Twilight Sparkle, and mlp Fluttershy! Help me a lot!)


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Review by ToxicWither
23 Oct 2014
AWESOME! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL! I really want to help out if i can! BTW, I personally love RD as best pony!

Review by johnaliwa11
12 Jul 2014
Great! Wait, why are they kissing me? I don't even know whether my character is a boy or a girl!

Review by MLPSpike
21 May 2014
Rainbow This Game is Great! You already have 175 downlouds!!!

Review by Sci-Beam
14 Apr 2014
Lol, I like how you just meet Rainbow Dash she's just like "I for crying out loud let's make out" :P

Review by JustAnotherBrony
28 Mar 2014
Now, I've had my share of fantasies with the Mane 6 and the background ponies and such, but this just didn't feel right. You meet Rainbow Dash, and she says "I know why you're here." A race? "No, a kiss. With tongue." Sod off.

Pinkie Pie says "You liked that cake? You're gonna love this." Oh boy, more cake! *kiss* Sod off!

Lyra just flat-out tackled me.

Applejack kissed me for no reason.

And I feel anyone else that comes in will do the exact thing. 3/10, would not do again.

Review by bronypal
20 Jan 2014
Not really a "game"... More of a story.
Too straight forward. You basically just talk to them and you randomly get kissed.
With work it could be improved

Review by Paper Asssassin
31 Dec 2013
Awesome! Wait, are they kissing me?

Review by SkyPen
27 Dec 2013
Woho! Everyone loves me for some reason! Dreams do come true!

Review by ZacxradSF
26 Nov 2013
Ohhh no! I'm a brony! More!

Review by Anonymoose
26 Nov 2013
Truthfully, as a not-brony myself (curiosity lead me to this game) I'm not quite sure what the objective is and most of the elements of the game seem to be mostly going from A to B with C. Giving Lyra the red dress doesn't seem to do anything as it says she doesn't want it, but talking to her gives a different result. Aside from that, what does Pinkie Pie and Rainbow dash do to you? The two pictures look a bit confusing when the first one is a picture and the second one is a close up of a body part of aforementioned picture. Lastly, I've noticed that your three "reviews" all have "mlp" as a precedent to the name... It just looks rather conspicuous. As the fact that all of the reviews have 5 stars.

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Written for Quest 5.4
Published 24 Nov 2013
Updated 26 Mar 2015

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