69,105 Keys by David Welbourn

There's just one room. How hard can it be? Just unlock the door. Oh. There's 69,105 keys.
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Review by nammyal
11 Nov 2017
I found it, but I don't understand it.

Review by Jfulls002
21 Aug 2017
It takes a minute to figure out, but I do wish it took more than two categories to find it

Review by gandalfgreen
19 Feb 2017
A curious puzzle with an interesting solution . OK, but not that challenging.

Review by SomeoneImSure
17 Feb 2017
It took me a while to get it but once I pushed through, I felt all the more smarter for it. Well done!

Review by Enpherdaen
17 Feb 2017
Really made me think in depth. I feel smarter for just playing it. Great puzzle.

Review by knpelle
11 Dec 2016
It made me think! It was challenging examining the different keys and converging the search to find an unique key. Very good!

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Written by
David Welbourn
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Published 02 Mar 2009
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