the uncle who works for nintendo by michael lutz

It will take some time to get through one game, maybe 15 to 20 minutes your first go? It has five possible endings.

The original commissioned artwork (some glimpsed in the cover art) was made by the talented Kimberly Parker ( The abstract artwork seen throughout was made in the program Icosa by Andi McClure (
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Review by funkyspunk90
30 Oct 2015
I thought it was really unique- the way the situation develops, from absolute normality, and with such simple everyday choices... and you start to realise the seriousness of your situation...
Never played anything quite like it! Really original style & story (which is rare in horror), that keeps you guessing. Just goes to show how an atmosphere can build!!

Review by MisterPibb316
15 May 2015
On my first play through, I thought the thing was funny rather than scary. Upon additional playthroughs, I got to read some creepier parts, which threw in the suspense that the first ending I got lacked. In short: how good this game is largely depends on an innocuous choice you make early in the game.

The biggest pluses are the sound effects and abstract graphics, which make for a more immersive experience. On the other side, the actual amount of interaction is minimal unless you find the few options that can directly change the outcome (I found that there were additional creepy stuff when I chose a male friend instead of a female friend.)

Short and campy, so if you like that, try this.

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