A Shrunken Adventure 0.5 (9/30/2018) by Lorax

Disclaimer: Sorry about the multiple listings showing up on the search menu, they all lead to the same game, and it creates a new listing every time I update.

Don't play this game if you are looking for a finished product.
If you do play it though, please leave what you'd like to see in the comments, or any grammatical or game-play issues you happen to catch, thanks! :)

Updates And Notes:

September 30th, Update 0.5
Large update today!!
I don't want to give too much away, but the new pool environment is about 80% complete. I still have a few more tricks up my sleeve to add there. I've introduced the first instance of paper airplanes into the game! They will add some variety to how you experience the world. The first instances of Cindy's sisters have been made, though only two of them are currently complete. There will be more ways to access the pool environment in the future. Also, I've changed the main plot, giving us a sort of antagonist, and an opposing force to interfere with the story, I have a lot of ideas ready for her.
P.S. There's a lot of placeholder exits at the moment. :( They might stay for a while once I finish the pool environment, as I need to set up a few things first before I can create the Cindy's house mega-environment. The sleepover environment is coming soon as well! I hope you enjoy what I've added so far, and please give any critique or recommendations if you have any. Thank you for playing! :)

September 24th
I am not dead! Working on the next update, don't worry guys. :) Check the comment reply below for more details.

September 9th, Update 0.4
Finished the LA teacher route, started infrastructure on the hallway system, and started fleshing out the Cindy home/pool route. Set the stage for the bathroom environments and fixed some grammatical and game-play issues. Also added the first map! It is only a map of the core-class school environment. This area will feature the 3 hallways, 8 classrooms, 3 bathrooms, and possibly some locker scenes. It isn't exactly as proportionate as it should, but it helps the player understand what the area they're in is actually built like. Not sure if I will add maps for every environment. Enjoy the new content!

September 4th, Update 0.3
This update fixed the loading issue that was present her for a while, you can now actually play the game! :) Also, you can now see a small peek of the first aware route in creation. For now on, I am going to focus on one area on a time, rather than scatterbraining around.

September 3rd
I will start adding the date of the last full update added to the title, because when you search for games it seems that it won't show the last time it was edited, at least from my point of view.

September 1st, Update 0.2
Added a ton of content that basically doubled the amount of content from 0.1. A few new characters were introduced along with more events and areas. There are a lot of dead ends that were added that will spread into largescale areas, like the coach apartment, Mary or Cindy's house, a planned sleepover environment, among other things. I have a lot of ideas planned.

Tags: shrink, shrunken, shrunk, miniguy, giantess, macrophilia, shrinkray,

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Review by rtbmcintosh
19 Oct 2018
Keep up the good work

Review by snake bit
06 Sep 2018
It's a fantastic game.

Review by Tylordian
27 Aug 2018
Yep yep yep yep yep

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