Pong by Minecraftybuilder

Play This Game With A Friend Or Any one else! In This Fun Game Like The Classic Pong You Can Have A Paddle Bunch Of Fun!
||| I got this code the same the way I got the Snake Code |||
Exit the same you would exit Snake
Review by Toki <3
30 Mar 2021
It's really fun, but a little basic. A scoreboard would be nice, as well as an option to customize the speed of the ball to make it easier and harder, maybe. Hard, but fun! I really liked it!

Review by CAAYr67
24 Feb 2021
OMG I LOVE THIS! I could have played it for hours if I wasn't inn school. Me and my friend played it and we had so so soooooooooo much fun! :D

Review by AmeliaIsShyIRL
26 Aug 2020
fun game to play :)

Review by Tinuchi
14 May 2020
Really impressive. Completely unnecessary. I love it.

07 May 2020
I suggest adding the score system. It will be more fun playing multiplayer if there is a score system.

Review by Forgewright
07 May 2020
Multiplayer. However, I did have fun playing both sides for the first time since it came out in the '70s.

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Published 07 May 2020