Pong by Minecraftybuilder

Play This Game With A Friend Or Any one else! In This Fun Game Like The Classic Pong You Can Have A Paddle Bunch Of Fun!
||| I got this code the same the way I got the Snake Code |||
Exit the same you would exit Snake
Review by daeun
07 Feb 2024
Who needs friends when you have two hands?

29 Jul 2022
Beautiful. Truly magnificent. Calling it a work of art would be an insult to its true worth. It is more like a holy artifact, hand-crafted by the angels themselves, cast away to Earth for being too appealing; for being the forbidden fruit. Lucifer did not fall from Heaven, he leapt- and this Ambrosius masterpiece is the reason why. The original sin was not eating the apple, but rather experiencing that which even God deemed too perfect to have a place in His realm. He banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden for the transgression of having this experience, and therefore eternally tainting their lives with a desire to experience it once more. It was securely locked away, so we mortals may never curse ourselves with it ever again- but alas, our desire for acquisition of the divine has brought us right back to where we started. And now that we have had yet another bite of the apple, we are all doomed for an eternal existence of pain, suffering, and burning forevermore. And yet, through it all, we will know deep down that it will have been worth the short moments of satisfaction, as the names of the long lost empyrean treasure and the God-defying archaeologist who brought it back from the depths carve their rightful place into our minds for-ever and all eternity: Pong, by Minecraftybuilder.

Review by BurnerAccount50001
03 Feb 2022
It's hard to go wrong with Pong.

This is a pretty competent port of it, that's for sure. The lack of a scoreboard is a little odd, though. Even the original had that on crappy 70s technology.

Review by Notgatesy
02 Feb 2022
its ok ig i like it a little

Review by Rafi James
12 May 2021
nice but my dog is better

Review by Jack wakefield
12 May 2021
so so pogger that i en=ven in vitie the homies and we play this until 7am with snacks and all

Review by G.Mxc
05 May 2021
Great i like playing it with my friends

Review by Toki <3
30 Mar 2021
It's really fun, but a little basic. A scoreboard would be nice, as well as an option to customize the speed of the ball to make it easier and harder, maybe. Hard, but fun! I really liked it!

Review by CAAYr67
24 Feb 2021
OMG I LOVE THIS! I could have played it for hours if I wasn't inn school. Me and my friend played it and we had so so soooooooooo much fun! :D

Review by AmeliaIsShyIRL
26 Aug 2020
fun game to play :)

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