Temporary Sleep by classyjellyfishpoetry

Play through a young girl struggling with her emotions.

WARNING: This game is all about suicide.

This is based off a true story.

My story.

I do not endorse suicide.
Please get help if you feel like you are going commit suicide.
Someone loves you.
I care about you.

On with the game.

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Review by Viyanna
22 Mar 2018
Everyday is the same. I wake up everyday to fight this battle. I fight this battle every night.
It hurts, it's stupid... but it's there and it can't be ignored. Playing this is rough, it feels real, it is real. I would never wish this pain on my worst enemy.
I'd never wish it on anyone.

Review by Shirogane
07 Jan 2017
The repetition makes a lot of sense, since that's exactly what it's like to live with depression. It's repetitive, just doing the motions over and over. Thats the charm of it!

Anyhow, I am glad you are alive today. This is well done, friend!!

Review by flysquirrel775
12 Mar 2016
Nice game, but there's really only one ending, and that can be reached within 4- 5 clicks

Review by Nick_Crafter
08 Mar 2016
I can empathize with this, as I had the mindset at one time in my life, I had filled that void by playing videogames and anime.

The games is good, almost nostalgic to me, but it doesn't seem as though it has more than one ending really, I feel as though it should have clear showings of it ending, instead of the simple sleep, rise, repeat thing you got going for most of what I can assume count as endings.

Review by pietre61
08 Mar 2016
Good game. Repetitive, but still good endings. :)

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