Job Quest by Chadois09

An interactive story about work and life. Interactive fiction and game mechanics work together to re-create the way I felt when starting a new job in a new city.

It’ll only take you about five or ten minutes to play. There are a few different endings.
Review by TheBoldWriter
11 Feb 2018
Amazing, the best I have played yet. I personally can relate to this a lot. Its about the stress and hardships one goes through in his life. 'Every action has a consequence' is the main base of the game. I like how every time the pages change to show that, you've lost grip over everything.

Honestly, an amazing game. A must play. Looking forward for games like this.

Your friendly neighbourhood reviewer,

Review by hannaivety
09 Jul 2016
a well-written text-game, definitely one of my favorites! i absolutely loved how the text/links/options change from something specific to something vague. it just shows how the character is losing grip on everything.

a must play.

Review by BeggerStager
13 Dec 2014
The rates at which you need to satisfy makes this game really hard.

Like, the next day you feel sad about losing contact with your family when you spoke with them yesterday.

To me, that's a bit unrealistic but it may be realistic to some other people. However, this is your game and I am just writing a review.

The game is good, however not sure if you purposely added an option after "THE END"

Review by awsomethingy
27 Oct 2014
Fantastic. Just Fantastic.

Review by vicbrusal
09 Jan 2014
Very creative, well writte, and loyal to the truth millions of people live daily.

Review by MooCow
09 Jan 2014
Nice game! I soon realized that there is no way to win, since everything just gets worse and worse the more you play.

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