Warrior cats: The quest of ThunderKit by Warrioroftherainbow

Hi everyone! this is a warrior cats tale where you play as Thunderkit (female) or Shadowkit (male) in Thunderclan. As you grow, you will need to face challenges in your warrior life, being able to end up this game as:

Med Cat

I hope you enjoy the story! this is my first game so please dont judge me :(. Maybe i`ll do a second part.
Warrior Cats series rightfully belongs to Erin Hunter. This is just a FanMade story. I`ll give you the list of the clan you are roleplaying in.

DEPUTY: CrowTail
WARRIORS: SilverTail, BerryEar, WebbedFoot, HazelThorn, LionClaw, CedarBite, WillowScratch
QUEENS: HawkFeather, YellowFlower, CloudyMoss
APPRENTICES: SunPaw, CinderPaw, MuddyPaw, CreddPaw
KITS: WindyKit, you (Thunder/ShadowKit), MeadowKit, WhiteKit,RossyKit, StoneKit
ELDERS: WhiskerPuff, BreezeSong
MED CAT: MilkyFang APP: CrouchedWhisker

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Review by Otakunami777
04 Jan 2021
Died on first try

28 Jun 2020
AWESOME!!!!!great game plz make number 2

Review by scarly woods
02 Mar 2020
I loved this and I hope to see a part 2 very soon! I am a little confused when it was thunderstripe and not thunderpaw and then thunderwing. Could you maybe explain that? Also, my game is here if you want to review/comment on how you like it. I encourage criticism so I won't be offended, I'm always looking to improve. I'm also looking for help with editing the story, you don't have to though.


that's if you want to try it. :) I'm almost finished writing 1/3.

Review by Wonderpaw665
15 Jan 2020
It said that I could become a leader, is that still only for thunder paw?

Review by SkyfireSunset
29 Dec 2019
I became a medicine cat and instantly got the name 'Thunderstripe' before 'thunderpaw'.

Review by FoxPeltTC
05 Dec 2019
Super game! is very complete and when i played it i felt like i was a warrior cat. Cant wait for part 2!

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Published 13 Jan 2020
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