You're Turning into a Cat by JMixon04

“You’re Turning Into A Cat” is the harrowing story of a man (you) who is turning into a cat but not. You suppress the ever-intensifying urges to act like a cat, finally enlisting the help of your best friend, Jerome, to guide you back to normalcy. But Jerome is too good a friend; he only helps you express your inner self. He takes you hunting, dancing and partying, being extra careful to document your self-revelations and share them on YouTube for the whole world to see. Soon, as your primal feline nature takes over, the last vestiges of your humanity cry out for you to get a job. Will you listen? Or will you surrender to the tranquil peace of feline insanity?
Review by PancakeCookie
27 Dec 2014
I don't like that the only ending is you turning into a cat.

Review by Smarty3b
15 Oct 2014
Absolutely fantastic! Very well writen! The only reason that it is a four and not a five is that when there are two choices, the top one always falls under the category of giving in, and the bottom one is always trying to resist. If you switched the order on some choices, and possibly added more variety, it would certainly be a five!

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