Other Worlds Near by Jennifer Wren

You are enjoying a stay with relatives you had never met before, your great (great) grandparents, in a rural farming town,
and it is an eye opener, to say the least.

I hope more people like than dislike it (in spite of at least one syntax error. I might examine my offline copy for a while before updating with it.)

The story begins with a dream within a dream. Some of that will disappear before you wake up.
So, don't say I didn't warn you. It might happen kind of fast.
It's circadian rhythm. You don't have to like it, but I did kind of want it to be liked, so.
If you don't like reading, you don't really have to read the story, but you do have to talk to your great-great-grandmother until she has given you your first $18.
(You don't have to play the piano, either, but it is a great finger stretcher.)
Eventually, you might also have to return to your four-poster guest bed, every now and again to restore health, as well, but I do not already know that. Some people need no sleep.

After that, there are a few places where there is a little more writing, and it is for reading notes in order or, in the parlor, at least, it is set up so the conversation takes place as you connect, as people do, from the great-great-grandfather to the great-great-grandmother to the great-great-grandfather to... or vice versa but not as well. Some of the messages are hidden (random) and you might not read everything you would like because of the nooks and crannies, therein, but they are not clues, which are not random, not that you need them. Any clues are really just part of a linear system that carries the linear part of the story from place to place.

And there are some activities of a few different kinds that are part of the story, because I thought I'd better.

You can make mistakes and die, and then have to start over to keep playing, which some people won't want to start over for, but I would personally recommend it, starting over, because my writing is fun, and it is worth seeing all of it, which you might not ever get around to, because of random events, but this is a game where you won't die very often if you are careful, and usually, you won't even need to be, but save your game, every now and then, if the thought of dying bothers you, or worse, the thought of waking up in the morning, every morning, over and over again (two or three times).

If there is anything out of kilter, or the timers are too fast or too slow, just tell me about it and I will either fix it or leave it the way it is, but I do really care and want to know either way.
(I have, really this late in the day, discovered the version I had uploaded was allowing people to shoplift. I have updated so that that no longer happens.
And I have added back all the sticks I couldn't pick up. You might need a stick to safely collect something.)

All of the cat songs are sung by my own pet cat, Fufumarebel.
Other sounds are my own making, and I used this site for some tones:

Image addresses (not alphabetically):
(all are cropped and resized, with some colour correcting)
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"Chinese girl standing on the beach" by simpleinsomnia is licensed under CC BY 2.0. (edited)
"Playtime, Cats in Human Situation, Playing Jump Rope with a Vintage Victorian Doll" by Beverly & Pack is licensed under CC BY 2.0.
"IMG_4704-bee-larvae" by dreamexplorer is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Quotes from books, sources (first, last, title/ nothing first, alphabetically):
KJV Holy Bible
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Rentzhausen, Prophesies of Rentzhausen,
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Published 01 Nov 2022
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