American Angst: Text-based Survival Horror by m3g1dd0

You wake up in pitch black darkness. You know not where you are. You know not who you are. And they’re trying to kill you…

Imagine a horror novel where you get to make the choices and decide how the story plays out: Welcome to American Angst, a text-based multiple-choice survival horror interactive fiction, combining RPG elements and turn-based combat with dark humor and satire – created with Twine by Misha Verollet (

„One of the best Twine games of 2017.“ – Brian Rushton, @mathbrush
„Fun way to waste an afternoon.“ – The Zombie Chimp
„If you like short horror stories, you will enjoy this.“ – Totally Gamer Girl
„A horror story at heart, American Angst is very well written. There’s just enough suspense and thrill that you’ll find yourself biting your nails as you play.“ – GameSpew
„Treat yourself to some textual scares.“ – HorrorTalk
„An atmospheric Text-Adventure with a surprising story.“ – Gwyn Gaming

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Review by Ater Imber
17 Oct 2020
This was SUCH an awesome game!

The pacing, writing and story-line/plot were awesome. Going from waking up not knowing anything, to having the pleasure of uncovering all the horrors around you was great. Captivating for sure! I especially love that the plot to this could very easily happen in today's world (if it isn't already).

I'd call it more unnerving than horror, though. While it didn't outright scare me, I was definitely apprehensive/anxious for most of it. I also kept half expecting jump scares or random loud noises to startle me, and I'm happy to report that didn't happen!

This game is definitely worth playing, especially if you're new to interactive fiction games. I love the clicking on options option, instead of typing in commands - I think this style lends itself better to keeping you in the game, instead of being pulled out by multiple 'you can't go that way' messages.

I thought it was going to be shorter than it was (I thought 'oh, I'll just play this quickly before bed'), though I didn't time it, I think it took me about 1hr. Finished around 1am, but definitely started sometime when the clock said 12. I also found some spelling mistakes ('glass' was often spelled with only 1 's'), but it wasn't anything too distracting.

All in all, I definitely liked it, and would love to see/play more games like this!

Review by fordfaze
28 May 2020
Awesome gameplay and dialogues.

Review by kunalpratap03
11 May 2019
love how game unwraps and end as well:)

Review by ambrosiarei
25 Jan 2019
I like it a lot! It's clear how much work went into this. Although it was frustrating that I kept dying and had o click through the same room again. Other than that it was great!

Review by Evil_P
07 Jan 2019
I love that, it's a fantastic story, and the way you chose to tell it's very diferent, it's one of my favorites text games!

Review by theDepurze
11 Dec 2018
Wanted to give 5 stars for the hard work and dedication you have put into this, but I had e to take a star off because nearly all of my attacks miss so much it's not even funny.

Review by RuthlessDust
26 Nov 2018
I haven't even finished the game and I just have to give it 5 stars!

Review by Negroyama
22 Nov 2018
This is, by far, the best of it's genre. The story very well written, the interaction is just perfect, the HUD is clean and the vibe is very strong. Can't wait to discover new endings for this one!

Review by Stark staffie
22 Nov 2018
Oh wow.... I... I... Gah! This is super confusing! I just wanna to find Tony (the name I chose for my friend)

Review by honeystick
19 Nov 2018
this is probably my favourite text adventure of all time. I went back to play it again, and that's a lot from someone who doesn't even finish half of the games they play. the story is so, so clever; it's definitely a must-play.

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