They Call Ya' Mister by Richard Headkid

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They Call Ya' Mister
An Interactive Spaghetti Western by Richard Headkid

(Parser, made with Inform 7)

You've been ridin' for days, and there's finally a town in sight just over the next hill. You nudge the horse to pick up the pace, before The Law intervenes.

Ya' see: there's this magic practitioner around these parts who goes by the name of Murphy. He leads a rag-tag gang of scoundrels he calls 'The Law'. They reign down unpleasantries on all the innocent folks (includin' women and children) in most of this dimension. That dang-blasted Murphy's got it in for you for some reason, too... And he's always sendin' his crew around to slow your progress! So be on the look-out for 'em! (The junior members of Murphy's 'Law' may not be seasoned magicians, but they sure do know how to sling some manure!)

Your mission: All you really need is some whiskey and a visit to a lady friend of yours. (Oh! And don't forget that message you need to get delivered to your unborn son!)


Are you gonna let them cow-pie slingers stand in your way? Or are you gonna show them good-for-nothin' yella' bellies how the cow eats cabbage and get to rootin' and tootin'?

NOTE: If you run into any problems while playing this version online, you can play the bare-bones version here:
Review by SkyeArkLak
22 Apr 2021
This game is not very interesting.

Review by XanMag
13 Dec 2017
Definitely worth a play. I enjoyed it because
A) It gave me a good laugh.
B) The writing is enjoyable and doesn't 'get in the way'
C) The NPCs are all very well written
D) Ralph.

Review by Datomas
06 Sep 2017
Needs more attention, if just for the graphical design alone.

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Written by
Richard Headkid

Published 13 Dec 2017
Updated 02 Jun 2021