Reviews by XanMag

24 Jul 2021
As with KV, I tested it in its early phase as well. Thanks, Pixie.

The puzzles I found were difficult, but the hints were helpful. I also think that as later revisions come along the difficulty will fall into the range that I'm guessing The Pixie (author) has intended. The game was a nice combination of new ideas in puzzles and, yet, at the same time, I frequently got a "Zorkian" vibe. Certainly better than most of the games on the site and is worth your time to play.

Review for Woo Rebooted
16 Apr 2020
This is one of the better games on the site and needs to be played by all TA enthusiasts. The whole game works really well. It's well written, challenging yet logical puzzles, and is well coded with no errors. Also, DavyB was incredibly quick to help when I stubbed my toe a few times. All-in-all, I really hope this ends up on the "Editor's Picks" on the main page so it gets the attention that it deserves. Well Done and Happy Gaming!

01 Aug 2019
Quite good. Long enough not to be a forgettable and short enough not to drone on. Well-organized and grammar was much better than most. Good story. Challenging enough that you will be tempted to use the hint system, but you likely will not need it. The game avoids the dreaded guessing of the verb problem that many games have. Well done. Give it a try!

03 Nov 2018
Too short. Grammar errors. 4-5 “rooms” only. No puzzles. No interaction. A lot of “you can’t see that”.

Review for Aunts and Butlers
04 May 2016
I love the writing - humorous and detailed (without being too much). Very enjoyable game to play. Well constructed with a good story! Give it a play!

Review for Portcullis
04 May 2016
Fantastic. I really felt like I was back in the early 80s. Extremely nostalgic feel. Well written, good 'puzzles', fun NPCs.

Review for Bad Tentacles
23 Feb 2016

The pros - better grammar than most, TA, no major coding errors, cute story.
The cons - a bit short, probably should use the list objects when object is looked at or opened for your containers.

All-in-all, better than most published games on the site. Worth a play.

23 Feb 2016
Unique. Nice artwork. A little simple. It's a nice change of pace when compared to most games I play/sample here.

Well done.

No major grammatical errors. No obscure code errors. Pretty much a quiz game about Egyptian god (I think). Worth a play if you are interested in this kind of thing. Overall, well done.

Review for Once a Home
09 Feb 2016
I don't like GB's very often but every once and a while I come across one that I enjoy. This is one such game. It is well written, too.

There are a few little coding issues most will not notice and some tweaking I thing you could do to the format, but all-in-all, this was quite good. Congrats.

Review for Deeper
20 Jan 2016
I'll proudly be the first to review. It's an old school dungeon crawler that is properly difficult. The build/design of this game is something special - beyond my scope for sure. It's not cookie-cutter quality. "Deeper" is unique to Quest. Everyone should play this for not just the enjoyment of it, but also to appreciate what a good game design looks and feels like.

This one is certainly exceptional, even when compared to the other quality games that are on this site.

Well done, The Pixie!

Review for Make It Good
24 Jun 2015

Well done, of course. There is a lot of replayability to it as you'll either run out of time or you wno't have all the evidence you need. I would certainly rate this a five but I get frustrated with the verbage occasionally and with the whole Anthony thing once he comes over to the house. I still can figure out how to clean the damned dresser - got the water and everything and I'm right near a proper conclusion I think... If anyone can help, drop me a hint or a walkthrough link. Thanks!

Review for spondre
01 Jun 2015
Fantastically written - felt like I was in that cell with that creepy b@stard. Excellent format. I've played it several times and just now reviewing. It's a perfect one sit play game with replayability. Short and sweet. Definitely one of a handful of must plays on the site.

Well done, Jay.

Review for Marooned
31 May 2015
Pretty good game, Father. You should have seen the goofy stuff I was trying to do with that code. =)

I enjoyed it up until the very, very end. It seemed too simple and abrupt.

The writing was good and I definitely enjoyed reading it. I would like to see in your future games, multiple puzzles of similar difficulty. I had zero trouble until the code.

All in all, I recommend this game to any fan of text adventures. Worth the play.

Review for Grey
18 May 2015
4.49 =)

Give it a go. Short and sweet and meaningful. See my comments for incentive.

Well done, ravenwings52.

Review for Ye Olde Barbershop
11 Apr 2015
I'm not sure why I liked this so much. Perhaps it's mine ale that doth distract me?

But, I actually laughed out loud a couple times. Some may find the writing annoying but I think that's part of the humor. I also appreciate being able to go to my last decision without replaying it all over.

Very well done. Fan or no fan of game books, all should give this a chance. Fairly quick play and worth it. Grats.

06 Apr 2015
2? One path only options death.
More choices, more length and you've got something.

06 Apr 2015
Nice. A little short but nice and informative. I'd give it a 5-star if you added some pictures. There is a great opportunity to add pics with each progression! Well done!

Review for Everyman
30 Mar 2015
3.5 - Pretty good. No errors. A little short for my liking (~25 minute completion time), but as previous player suggested, it was interesting enough to keep me playing until the end.. Try Xanadu! Happy gaming!

04 Mar 2015

Excellently written. Nice artwork to break up the text. Cleverly planned storyline.

Fear the automat - had a little difficulty with that bugger.

Thanks for a fun game!