Animal Rescuer by hanaan03

this game is a CYAO(create your own adventure) this brings awareness to the endangered animals for a game change challenge. you will be a recruit in an organization where you save animals. This game will be a storyline with action. The player will choose their passage in the game. The game will have multiple endings. Which will fail and succeed in the game? This game attention to the endangered animals around the world. And give a player that power to see what path he or she has taken in this game. The adventure aspect of the action of the game will give the player mission and fighting scenes.
Review by syxxity
30 Mar 2019
It's good, but it's kinda hard to understand. Please use "" when people are talking and fix grammar. I suggest using a grammar/spelling checking site if you can't do it all yourself. Other then that it's a great game so far.

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