The World Ends Today, I Think... by broadwaydude

Over 45 minutes of content(probably)!

You're waiting for the bus with your good ol' mate, Jeb. And in an instant, Jeb ends your life and you start again. And now you have to make more choices for some reason. And the world keeps ending, too. And it's really pissing you off. At least dying seems to give you points. That's pretty nifty, I'd say.

Can you get past 3000 points? Can you find the True Ending? And the Bad Ending? And the Ending Ending? Comment your scores and stuff! Higher scores = Cooler Mustaches.

Flip your screen horizontally if playing on a phone(instead of a computer, you monster).

Story by Diego Lucano

Thanks to jamayonaiz, I went back and fixed EVERY SINGLE SPELLING/GRAMMAR ERROR THAT WASN'T INTENTIONAL! I also added more hints along the way and did some cleaning. Hopefully, I didn't break my game by accident. It's a crap ton of work since I lost my squiffy file and am working purely out of the strange HTML files.)

(planning on adding illustrations, music, and SFX in future updates)
Review by Ededeie1
09 Nov 2021
This game, in all its hilarious absurdity, brought me back to those nights walking with my son, trying to make each other laugh. It's brilliant, sharp, and genius like a Monty Python sketch, but it is also more than that. As you advance in the game, you get to know your own character by the choices you make, and suddenly it is you, but not really you. Like in a dream. And the story becomes important. I don't know how because it's still just funny and absurd. I got 4,600 points and a lot of laughs. I can't wait to play it again with music, sound effects, and illustrations!

Review by jamayonaiz
07 Nov 2021
Got some really funny lines in this one. The dedication to enjoyable content shows. Some spelling issues but never enough to get in the way of enjoying myself. Very, very absurd stuff.

Review by trolltoll03
31 Oct 2021
Although I thought that it was just a cute little choose your own adventure game, I soon found out that there is so much more. Seriously, there is so much more to this.

Review by Iloled
30 Oct 2021
Super fun game with lots of different scenarios and outcomes:)

Review by Hazoozoo
28 Oct 2021
This game is one of the most creative games I've played to date. In a short amount of time, the game lets you get close to the hilarious characters. You have to genuinely think when you play the game, and remember your choices and the impacts they could and have made. Not to mention there's a pretty good balance between comedy and drama, without making the game too serious and still staying in a comedic genre. I also really liked the "timed reading" feature. It kept the game interesting and made it so you didn't have to keep reading the same thing over and over again after you ended a run. I really, really liked this game, and I'll probably invest the time into finding all the different endings. I ended with a score of 4000.

27 Oct 2021
It is super fun to play! And really funny, too. It has a lot of stories and a fantastic ending (if you can find it). Jeb and his caramel popcorn await you for a lot of good times.

Review by IFforClassroom
25 Oct 2021
Cool use of font and link styles.
Neat use of minimalist interactivity.
Multiple plot directions.

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