Memories of Hell: Story of My Hometown by flysquirrel775

Fifteen years ago I left Tetra City and my old life to live a better life in the the grander capital.

Now, I return with rifle loaded with treachery and government armies of devastation.

No longer can I maintain a dual loyalty. I have to choose a side.

Review by Icamenal
03 Apr 2016
Writing is alright, but there are some typos. And after the protagonist left Tetra City, Mr. Orson changed genders. :p

Review by IFforClassroom
13 Feb 2016
Excellent writing! This is only the third non-game IF I've ever really enjoyed. (Photopia and My Father's Long Long Legs are the other two).

Review by Bounce Bounce
25 Jan 2016
Dang, this is so sad man. So sad....

Review by Razbliuto
24 Jan 2016
This is not usually my type of game, but it looks like you put a lot work into this. It was a great story. (I'm trying to keep this spoiler-free)

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