Jealousy by incommunicado

Hello Doctor.

Welcome to the Digital Psychiatric Treatment Network (DPTN), a premier application that connects you, the doctor, to patients world wide.

As a leading practitioner in psychiatry, you can use the DPTN to conduct paid session with your patients. All communications are encrypted and highly confidential.

Do be careful though; the advice you dispense and your every word has implications. You can save lives... or lose them.
Review by thepanpiper
07 May 2017
I liked the voice. It was believable. And it was obvious what was going to happen - when that's the case, the ending loses some of its impact. If the game was a little longer, if we got to know this patient more, that would probably evoke more emotion when you finish the game. Or adding a different ending - that would make it worth replaying.

Anyway, I enjoyed it!

Review by jwk21
01 Feb 2017
Fantastic concept, really really great interface. I really enjoyed it and would love to see more work in this style and spirit (as it is pretty short). But overall, a really fun, if quick, game that is very engrossing.

Review by funkyspunk90
01 Feb 2017
A really good idea for a story- Someone trying to give psychiatric advice online as best you can, with the sense of powerlessness & risk of only being able to affect events by their replies on the screen...
Short but good!

Review by Blue40465
03 Dec 2016
Great game!
The game has a good interface, lots of content and a good storyline
Hope to see more! :D

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