City Art Centre - Upstairs Puzzle by City Art Centre

Return to City Art Centre, this time to piece together some mixed-up hand-made panel puzzles.
Including one open-ended tile puzzle for free play. Try greyscale painting in the studio.
Meet new people and relax in the lounge with good music and free coffee or tea.

Click on the arrows to travel from room to room or section to section, click object links, in the panes or in the text, action words will appear and can be chosen with just one more click.
The touchstone in your inventory will give you a little space to clear your mind. Other things are waiting for you to find them.

If you want to read something hidden underneath the map, use the scroll bar on the righthand side.

Radio in City Art plays:
free music Chill Jazz Hop by Dar Golan
free music 50's Music by Dar Golan
& free music Surf Music by Dar Golan
and static

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Review by Jennifer Wren
08 Sep 2023
It is a new day at City Art Centre. The paint stores are empty. But all is not lost, if you can find a little black and white and make some grey. Can greyscale make for a beautiful picture? Yes.
What's more the hand-made puzzles are set up, where the studio turns the corner to the hallway. And your friend, Cody, another City Art Centre member has arrived with a lost box of ingenious puzzle tiles from her tenth birthday.
Another replayable game if you like to create things.
(Besides, it's one of my own.)

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City Art Centre

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 16 Oct 2023