A Fly On The Wall by Peregrine Wade

Across the city, strange events are taking place. But you are nothing more than a fly on the wall... or are you?

Note: This game is an entry at The 2017 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction (springthing.net)
Review by Beter123
17 May 2018
An interesting and fun text adventure. The text can get a bit repetitive through multiple playthroughs, but the game is fun all the same.

Review by Stripes
08 Jan 2018
I feel like this is a superhero's backstory.

Anyway, an this is interesting idea. Nice work. Not exactly amazing, but nice.

Review by CC Hollister
23 Nov 2017
Fun and interesting! Cool idea.

Review by cormacmurphy2016
06 Nov 2017
A beautifully written surrealist, witty and intriguing game. Deserves more recognition.

Review by Nanacollapse
24 Jun 2017
Otstanding amazingness! Write a book 'bout this!

Review by Mindtwister100
18 Apr 2017
Very Fun with multiple out comes!

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Written by
Peregrine Wade

Published 18 Apr 2017
Updated 20 Apr 2017