Andromeda Ascending by Truthcraze

Set almost 1700 years before the events of Andromeda Awakening and Andromeda Apocalypse, Andromeda Ascending takes place during a crucial time period in the Andromeda galaxy.

Humanity has been decimated by The Event, an astronomical apocalypse that has sent the last remnants of the human race scurrying to hide in Mechanosatellites, where they think they are safe from the continuing destruction outside the metal hulls of the spaceborne arks.

While they do seem to be safe, for the moment, from the reshaping of the Andromeda Galaxy happening around them, humanity is not safe from what has always been its greatest enemy; itself.

The Mechanosatellites are ruled by the despotic leaders of the Military, who enforce their rule over the civilians with varying degrees of control and compassion. Sure, they make sure the lifts run on time and that there is nutrimash in the cafeteria - but if you're a thorn in their side they will crush you.

You are Quin, a civilian on Mechanosatellite 3, colloquially known as Trips, and you are bristling under the thumb of the Mil. But what can be done, when the merest protest can lead to a long spacewalk without a spacesuit? You've almost resigned yourself to a life of servitude.

That is, of course, until you hear about a mysterious message... a message that just might break the iron grip of the Mil.
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Review by bigchungiboi
06 Jun 2019
mind blown

Review by FreezingPhoenix2
28 Sep 2018
I really enjoyed the game! Can't wait for more

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