my father's long, long legs by michael lutz

A weird tale. Some parts make use of sound, so this game is best played with headphones. One ending.
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Review by clairseybear236
31 Dec 2019
the true testament of a good horror adventure lies in the fact that the intricacies have stuck with me for over a week

Review by MehCandie
29 Sep 2019
Well. Definitely fits the horror category. Well done!

Review by jucarave
20 Jul 2019
Amazing work, got me at the edge of the seat during the basement part. Love it!

Review by TaintedSiren
23 May 2019
this was so amazing and intense! seriously terrifying

Review by felitheist
02 Apr 2019
THAT WAS INSANE!! absolutely terrifying!!

Review by just.salty101
01 Sep 2018
I don't get freaked out by stuff like this.

But I got freaked out.

Review by twilight_anime
24 Aug 2018
I was terrified i do not get the ending tho that much but im sure ill firgure it out besides that the effects and story and choices was amazing

Review by SummerLemonade~
09 Aug 2018
WOW. When I first played this, I was stuck before the basement due to technical problems -- the flashlight scene did not show and there was only pitch dark.

Anyways, the story is attractive enough to drive me back and find a solution. This time I used sub-Q instead of the normal web browser. (Clicked into the "IFDB listing" and found sub-Q) This time it worked.

And it's amazing.

Especially the long legs of the father at the end. Creepy, and it leaves room for imagination. It makes you THINK.

FANTASTIC STORY. It's a shame if you saw this and did not bother to try it.

Review by EmeraldAdventures
21 Jul 2018
I reccomend this book to ALL horror lovers. Simpy amazing

Review by Hormus
19 Jul 2018
Those legs......Ripped my heart clean out of my chest......Oh my God, this was epic.

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michael lutz
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Published 28 Aug 2013
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