my father's long, long legs by michael lutz

A weird tale. Some parts make use of sound, so this game is best played with headphones. One ending.
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Review by daeun
14 Jul 2024
The flashlight effect is cool

Review by eightfold
02 Aug 2022
Amazing story

Review by dan.keuning
19 Jul 2021
Amazing, suspenseful, and delightfully creepy. Definitely worth playing!

Review by theworldender
17 Mar 2021
impeccably built suspense - a nightmarish mix of junji ito and neil gaiman's coraline, imbued with that rich soil that builds its core. also... i might never touch a shovel again. more eerie than outright shocking - but then again, you wouldn't use charcoal in the same context as spray paint.

Review by Savio
06 Dec 2020
Intriguing and suspenseful.
Would have liked more than the one ending though.

Review by emmodii
19 Oct 2020
It's been a long time since I've played a text adventure, but I remember most of the horror genre disappointed me. This, however? This was amazing, and was a great game to return to. I got antsy during the later part where we went back into the basement and I can definitely say that's my favourite bit. Fantastic use of sound and visuals and 100% creepy.

My only problem was the black background and white text, which really strained my eyes. But given the gimmick and story of this, I think I can understand why. Although... Maybe light grey text would've been less painful?

Review by tipidor
26 Aug 2020
Interesting story and exciting narration. The flashlight mechanics were quite unexpected, and that made the experience even more atmospheric. Wonderful work that definitely fits the horror category.

Review by celestialgalaxxy
01 Aug 2020
I played this earlier during the day and it definitely deserves the 5 star rating. Very atmospheric.

Review by kdjack
30 May 2020
This absolutely deserves the good ratings it gets.

Review by Tinuchi
10 Apr 2020
There were a lot of sophisticated effects, and it was really interesting. It was mildly scary, but for what it is, it really IS.

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