The House of Mystery by James Lynch

Brief Description:
A house in the middle of the woods has been sitting here for years. Rumors have been spread that the person who once owned this house has mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth and no one seems to remember anything about it at all. Perhaps an unknown malevolent force has taken this poor soul away or maybe the house is haunted by a dark entity that is solely bent on destruction and chaos. As an investigator, it's up to you to check and see what secrets lie within this treacherous home. Uncover the lost bits of somebody's past and find out what really happened here many years ago.

Game May Contain the Following:
Mild Language
Mildly Disturbing Content (But no imagery thankfully)
Unfair Deaths (...that can be undone)
Stupid Humor & Inside Jokes
Whatever Else the Internet Hates
And a Whole Lot of Reading/Typing (The horror)

Viewer Discretion Advised

Original cover art made by AppleSin (Mistrie Orange).
All rights reserved and such.

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Published 19 Oct 2018