Sentinel Chronicles 1: The Besieged City by BigALittleARon

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There are not enough choices in this game - interactive fiction is supposed to be interactive!
You are Athkar, Initiate Sentinel of the Utopian Army. As a Sentinel, you are an advanced soldier who is singularly as strong as a whole platoon of ordinary men. This elite soldier caste was formed to take on special tasks that would overburden even the strongest of ordinary men. Their reknown and respect is unsurpassed. They are the heroes' heroes, the twice elite. Besides being master warriors, Sentinels also learn a healthy dose of a broad range of arts. From courtly manners, to theology, they were meant to be somewhat like reniassance men with swords.

The city of [name] has been taken by hostile forces, and you have only 8 hours to resolve the conflict personally. This means you can play out 8 adventures, (primarily searching buildings), before time runs out. Keep track of the number of successful adventures you have had on your character sheet. Don't lose heart should you fail an adventure. Failure is ordinary. It's the perserverence despite the failure that defines a true warrior!

There is a good, neutral, and bad ending. There is also a PERFECT ending, which is especially hard to achieve. It requires replaying the game several times, and observing the absolute optimal path to take to succeed at all 8 adventures. Only the truly dedicated or insane need apply.

There is also the "dead" ending, should you die. This hardly counts, though.

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