Will You Play the Game?: Chapter One by Fatonamon

After killing 6 people on the Broadway subway train, you are put into the slammer, and you are only known by, Number 7. After successfully killing the warden and burning your personal documents, you head into the streets. Walking through an alleyway, A sharp pain is felt in your neck. Everything goes dark...

This is my first attempt at a game in the quest engine. About every week I will update the chapter, if not releasing a new one.

Updated Chapter 1 to 1.1
Changed Artstyle
New ending perhaps...

Hey friends! Now this...is what you would call inactive. So recently, I was strolling around the internet and found an old file. It had the same title of the game your seeing now. I quickly opened it to find all of my work that I had once thought to be gone. But even though I had found hours of work, I still deleted it. I wanted a fresh start. So I now have new ideas. I have voiced everything in the game now. Yes, there is voice acting. Strange concept in a Gamebook. Many things are planned for the game. There is just one problem. If I put this much work into one game without any fanbase...its gonna flop. So I will first remaster the first chapter to make it my vision. Any content you guys and gals want, I.WILL.PUT.IT.IN. Anyway, put a little thought into it and maybe something can happen. But until then, development of the remastered version of WYPTG: C1 and WYPTG: C2 will not continue.

Glowing Regards,

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The Things That Go Bump In The Night

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 09 Dec 2018
Updated 01 Mar 2019