Broken Alliance: A Warrior Roleplay by Amulet05

(Note: I'm sorry if any of the names of the cats are actually from the Warriors series. Please don't copy any of my Clans, thanks)
(Choose your name and what you look like)
Gender: your gender (if you want)
Rosewing (pretty white she-cat with green eyes)
Shadedleaf (dark brown tabby tom, amber eyes)
Vinekit (silver she-cat)
Slatekit (gray tom)
\4 Clans + Relationships/Alliances
ScarredClan (hates RumbleClan, friends with WaveClan and FireClan)
RumbleClan (enemies with ScarredClan and WaveClan. Allied with FireClan)
WaveClan (likes all the Clans)
FireClan (friendly towards RumbleClan (alliance). Secretly respects the other two Clans)

(This is a work in progress. So far, you can get to the ceremony. If you have any ideas or concerns, please comment below)

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