Twitter: The Game by MichaelRundle

You are on Twitter. What now?

Welcome to the age of social media. In text adventure form.

[This was made in a very short amount of time, apologies to those of you who actually do serious work on this platform. It's intended as an experiment/toy/joke rather than a game as such.]

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Review by GJ
16 Jan 2015
Pretty fun game, but is there any point or something?

And may I ask what font did you use?

Review by ejm29
16 Jan 2015
I think this is ment to be a clever look into how pointless and mind-numbing social media is (please correct me if I am wrong) sadly, though this may be a good idea, I think you may have gone about it in the wrong way. It looks as if it is just badly made, instead of a clever pun. 5 star's for the idea! But sadly -3 for the performance. :(

Review by torby
16 Jan 2015
This was boring.

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