Explore the house by Wally&Mitko

Welcome to my house. To win this game, you need to find all five secrets. Here is a hint for each one:

1. The key is in the first room you see.
2. You need two cute things.
3. Look for something made of iron.
4. You need to find two things in one room.*
5. What gets wetter the more it dries?

*For secret #4, you need to do something WITH something.

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Review by StarryMoonbeam
07 Jan 2016
There were a lot of mistakes in the directions (for example, it says the 'go east for bathroom' but you have to go west). It also says you can go west for the bedroom, but you can't. It says you can go into the shed, but you can't. It says there's an oven in the room, but you can't look at it or open it. I think that you should be more clear with what people should do to obtain the 4th secret. Finally, when I tried to get the towel, it wouldn't let me take it.
But I guess overall this was a pretty good game. It's creative and would be fun if not for the multiple glitches.

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