SCP 173 testing by DecepticCeast

You and 2 other personnel were chosen to test on SCP 173. if you don't know what a SCP is, i'll tell you:
SCP 173 is an Euclid (Not well known and hard to contain) anomaly that attacks when you blink / don't look at it. It doesn't move as long as you look at it.

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Review by TheBoldWriter
05 Feb 2018
This game has an interesting concept, with the whole no blinking thing, its just rather short. It could be a really amazing game if you would work on it more. Try naming the characters, it get really confusing. Imagine that on a larger scale! Anyway, a nice concept but not long enough.

Overall, its extremely short but has a good concept.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Reviewer,

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 05 Feb 2018
Updated 10 Feb 2018