Fire in the School by 11ruddyh01

My game will be about having a fire in a school. You will have to decide whether or not to help
people or leave people. You will also have to decide how to behave in the class and whether or
not you stay in class. You will have to work your way through the building trying not to die.

Review by Detective
19 Sep 2020
It is very short. There's not a lot of options because you die in almost every way. I agree with @syxxity, it is a good idea and it does have amazing spelling, it doesn't seem real to me. Teachers do not carry guns in school, nor do they shoot you for dancing around.

Review by syxxity
04 Apr 2019
1.) It's a good idea!
2.) It seems to have decent spelling.

1.) Teachers DON'T shoot you when you dance around in class. Pretty sure that's illegal.
2.) Way too easy to die. Also, I'm pretty sure if someone knocked over the Bunsen, and the player got caught on fire, someone would help and/or you'd be rushed to the hospital.

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