Paradox by nothingthtmuch

You wake up in a pitch black room. You may be blind... This isn't right. You need to find out what this place is.

Thanks for all of the feedback :0 I have updated this and even more weird things are happening! It still isn't finished but there's a bit more to it now.

Still - to be continued

P.S. - any bugs? let me know :)

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Review by Cheralina
03 Feb 2018
How do I escape...?

Review by Claire6129
27 Feb 2014
I liked it! I loved how it goes in a loop.
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Review by Sazukan20
28 Dec 2013
it had a good idea, though i kept playing to see if there was further progress, it is a fair game, i think you should try something with more to it to try to see where you really are at, i am new to making games too, but as for being a gamer, i think you have potential, try some new ideas, or add some good ideas to possibly fighting the other Numbered living being. though i do believe you have something started here.

Review by storyspoiler
03 Oct 2013
Pros: Nicely done little game that loops back on itself. Multiple playthroughs are rewarded. Worth a go if you're looking for short, surreal ] adventures.

Cons: Writing could be smoother, needs edits; descriptions, in particular, are neither sparse nor vivid. Spelling and grammar errors distract from the game text.

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