Sphinx by TRiKi

This is a game of questions. The Sphinx blocks the path from the dream world to the waking world. You must answer the questions correctly to wake up. If you get a wrong answer you die in your sleep.
REALLY COOL ENDING! (but only if you live)

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Review by Song
29 Feb 2020
You need to make real riddles.

Review by Leurunner
13 Jan 2017
ok so you want to be an asssssssshole.i can do that to

Review by Frostedge
17 Dec 2014
I’m always up for a good riddle, so I’m rather curious about this game ‘o yours.

The game starts nice, with me consciously entering a dream-realm. Then, a golden claw comes from out of nowhere, ready to tear me up in the same way I’ll proceed to tear this game up.

We are presented with the Sphinx, the legendary creature known from... well, legend. It then asks the prerequisite question that it asked a certain man before, and we all know the answer to it. A nice bit of self-reference from the sphinx after answering the question correctly, which I certainly enjoyed.

It then complains that I used the internet, followed by an angry emoticon. You can understand that I was none too pleased to see this.

I am completely taken out of the game only three screens in, this has to be a new record or something.
After that, the sphinx then says “shire” and references LOTR of all things. Honestly, you have a wealth of information from all forms of media and public knowledge at your disposal to make a riddle, and you choose a subject that’s been dry and overdone? Mix things up, make us solve actual riddles instead of pop culture references.

Then, a nice paradox statement pops up. After answering it technically correctly, the game shouts WRONG ANSWER!

But wait! This was a tricksy-trick. It turned out the question was a trap, and you proceed to explain why we would be wrong either way. Nice, if not for the fact that I called the double paradox from a mile away. Also, small piece of advice, but don’t insult your players, at least not without good reason. It’s similar to Justin Bieber spitting on his fans, or that other guy who said that fans exist for him, and not otherwise.

Your next question has you complaining about your autocorrect, and giving us a none too subtle hint on yet another LOTR reference.

You then give us a 50/50 chance of death, with no form of hint or indicative logic to avoid said death. I’ll admit, I sidestepped and died.

Then, and only then are we confronted with the most blatant nonsense I have ever had the displeasure of seeing: The Lack Of A Reset Button Justification.

Your logic in this page says that you don’t want trolls getting up in your grills about why there is no reset button. Problem is, your logic in this is flawed beyond all hell. You claim that pushing a restart button would combat logic, because it would bring you back to life. You also claim the player should start a new game (the equivalent of a reset button) to experience the EXACT same game as someone else.

Though, if someone were to follow, let's say... logic, we’re not someone else. We’re still us, and nothing has changed that, therefore your own statement combats your own logic. Not including a “Restart” or “Possess someone else’s dream and experience the game again.” would change nothing, except...

Your “Plays” count on the website...

And then it dawned on me, the only reason you haven’t included that Reset button is just to force people to restart your game over and over again, which increases the Plays count on the game's webpage. You excluded that Reset just to buff your Plays count to falsify the amount of people that ACTUALLY played it.
I have to praise you for the ingenuity, it’s still a despicable act, though.

The game started at three stars, the self-referential nature of the Sphinx really had me going, then the ridiculous LOTR nonsense combined with the frankly unfunny attempts at humour dropped it a star.
The faking “Plays” would have dropped it to a final zero, a shame I cannot go lower than one star, so that’s exactly what you’ll get from me.

Review by Tom C.L.
25 Jun 2014
The game itself was great, but the comments really killed the mood

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