Coloratura by Lynnea Glasser

Stolen away by apathetic Blind Ones, your only desire is to return to your Cellarium and the Song of the Universe. They should understand. You shall make them to understand.
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Review by boomboomboom
07 Jul 2021
I've really really enjoyed this, but I keep running into an error right after the (second?) drifter encounter...

Review by ARCtype
17 Feb 2018
I played this a couple years ago. I started playing again on this site (without remembering I'd played it before) and was instantly reminded of how I felt when I played the game. I was intrigued and really liked the concepts. Great story and puzzles!

Review by aldsidu
18 Sep 2017
Amazing! I absolutely loved it!

Review by Laufeia
04 May 2016
Absolutely incredible game! The story unique and well written. By far one of the best I've ever played.

Review by Staraxia
01 Jan 2016
Very beautiful game. The puzzles are interesting and very cohesive, and the storyline was compelling.This is what got me addicted to interactive fiction in the first place. It certainly deserves all the awards it won!

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Lynnea Glasser
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Published 29 Sep 2013
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