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Reviews by ARCtype

Review for Small.
18 Feb 2018
Father Thyme knows how to create a good, immersive game. I enjoyed this greatly, and even felt a little bit claustrophobic.

Review for The Abyss
17 Feb 2018
It is an interesting story, but the choices were limited. The multiple endings were nice. I played this a few times and always wondered what was really going on. Nice.

17 Feb 2018
Not a lot of decision making until you got close to the end, and even then I'm not sure it would have made much of a difference what I had chosen to do. But the flashlight effects and noises were great in adding to the creepiness!

Review for Coloratura
17 Feb 2018
I played this a couple years ago. I started playing again on this site (without remembering I'd played it before) and was instantly reminded of how I felt when I played the game. I was intrigued and really liked the concepts. Great story and puzzles!

Review for In the Year 2517...
17 Feb 2018
Too short, not very immersive or imaginative. Do people even need gold in a dystopian wasteland?

Review for Color the Truth
16 Feb 2018
Great concept! Instead of focusing on objects as puzzles, this game allows the player to focus on communication and words/ideas/characters as the puzzles. I was sad when the game ended, as I wanted to make more connections. Thoroughly engaging!

Review for Dream Pieces
15 Feb 2018
This was short, but sweet. It's a cute game that makes you think outside the box. Once you get the hang of it, it's a bit simplistic. But I'm giving 5 stars for the creativity of it all.

11 Feb 2018
I don't understand all the comments raving over this. I wasn't that engaged in the actual story, though the video game within the game was pretty interesting. I liked that, as well as the psychological aspects of the ending of the game within the game. But in the actual game, my motivations for wanting to help certain characters didn't mean I wanted the character to be romantically interested in them, and suddenly the game thinks I'm wanting to make a love connection with a character I find pretty annoying.