Warrior Cats: Rainkit by CraftyKat

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You are Rainkit of WindClan, trying to become the best warrior you can be!

Feedback is greatly appreciated as this is my first gamebook. Enjoy!

Vesion 1.8

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Review by ThinkB4UHitMe123
07 Nov 2018
LOVE IT!!!! -Fan Girls-

Review by BloodyHeart
13 Jun 2018
I like it!Please finish! And also, I just started and I have a question: when you were making this, did you put it down as text adventure or gamebook?

Review by Heartmist
05 Jun 2018
Question why is this in the sandpit. It's way more than that

Review by EchoShine2
01 Apr 2018
This is a great start! I enjoyed it! I’m new here and wanted to know how to do it...I don’t understand.

Review by ShinyBaby Umbreon
31 Mar 2018
I love it for what it is developed as so far .Continue on it pleaaassee

Review by Thecatofallcats
06 Mar 2018
Short, and the plot is so plain.

Review by Bramblemoon
24 Dec 2017
Pretty good so far as a warrior cat game can be, Besides a boring and unoriginal plot, the game is lovely, it's a huge relief to see a WC game with decent punctuation and grammar.

The Idea of cats living in a forest doesn't open for much creativity, so it's easier for games like this to be inadequate compared to games about humans; for example.

This is a pure example of why WC games are insignificant compared to other games on the sight. WC games need more creativity.

Review by Neville Eric
10 Aug 2017
I love this! =D I hope you do finish this amazing little game!

Review by MooCow
03 Jul 2016
I know the games i've published are silly and stupid, but I've learned a lot in the span of 3 years and seeing all these warrior cat games and the lack of imagination that come with them makes me want to create a real warrior cats game where you actually have an adventure, and there's an original plot, and character customization, that sort of thing. Really, this one was much better than the other ones I've seen but a gamebook really doesn't fit my idea of a warrior cats game, I used to love those books and they seem like the type of thing to be converted to a textadventure rpg of some sort, not a dull book of predetermined choices. That's just my thoughts.

Review by Marzipan
14 May 2016
Same dull, regurgitated plot as every other Warrior Cats game I've seen, except this one at least had an author that understood punctuation and grammar so that's a single point in its favor. The dead ends I kept hitting were a major issue though. Of course this is highly rated despite a lack of...pretty much everything that makes for an engaging story because WC fans are unable to apply critical thinking to even the blandest attempts to ape the series they worship.

I guess after they got banned from chooseyourstory, the Quest site has become their new refuge. Though this one at least is better than average in the technical sense.

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