Bendy And The Ink Machine by goobopoo

You are a person called Henry,An artist who has worked for an animation studio for about 30 years in 1932,You are messaged by your employer 2 years after your retirement,Promising a surprise within the now abandoned studio,Will you see the surprise in one shape?,Or are you going to go through unseen consenquences?


Please do support TheMeatly,He has created the original 3D game,And this is just a text based rendition.Also,Saving is not a good idea as this has multiple choices and multiple endings.

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Review by funkyspunk90
20 Aug 2019
An interesting idea for a story, but with bad english and grammar making descriptions more confusing than they should be and spoiling atmosphere. There are also several technical problems- objects which are taken are still described in the room descriptions, and the same room description appears every time- so you 'break down the door' every time you enter a room etc.

Unfortunately also some errors also link actions to the wrong results- so using one object can trigger the wrong action etc. Eventually there is one object you need to use, which when you use links you back to an earlier room, so it is impossible to complete the story.

(The character also takes strange and impossible situations quite normally although they should shake his concept of reality!)

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