from the Slew of Despond 2. 3 Mini-Games by Jennifer Wren

Three fantastic well loved mini-games from ☀♖ the Slew of Despond ♖☀ [Two Ships in One Night]
Cards, Game, and Racing!!!

Cards now win or lose money every 30 points. Accurate scoring. Win ten times your points in cold cash!
Game is unconventionally antique, and, so players really "feel the game board". No score, just moving wooden pieces and singing favourite songs a line at a time with friends.
Boat Races, you can use your keys - if you like,
but the ship will not go up or down.
It just stays on the surface of the Salt Sea, on one only latitude.
At least, you always win!

✽❀✽Ⱄⱄ. .ⱄⰔ❀Ⱄⱄ. .ⱄⰔ✽❀✽Ⱄⱄ. .ⱄⰔ❀Ⱄⱄ. .ⱄⰔ✽❀✽Ⱄⱄ. .ⱄⰔ
The Slew of Despond was the name of a small bog I lived near the edge of,
for a while, when I was much younger.
There may have been unseen castles there.
I consider it one of the many places in this world that no one knows a lot about.

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Review by daeun
07 Feb 2024
Innovative game.

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Written by
Jennifer Wren

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 29 Jan 2024
Updated 29 Jan 2024