BiCon by rach

An interactive story of love and friendship set at the UK BiCon and International Bisexual Conference 2010.

Though written primarily for conference attendees and friends, BiCon requires no knowledge of the con, nor an interest in bisexuality. It's a straightforward, light-hearted explore-and-talk game, with puzzles that evoke the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of a community, and quirks that may be familiar to attendees of cons of any kind.

Can you resist a jump on the bouncy castle? Will you ever understand what 'hegemony' is? And what about that mysterious person who keeps smiling at you?
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Review by Blahblahblahuh
01 Dec 2014
Really needs more direction on what I can do. I see a cutie; I try to smile at cutie; I try to say hi to cutie; I try to talk to cutie... nothing. I'm directed to do something like "ask leader about bicon" and get told by this leader to leave questions for "group discussion." What exactly am I supposed to do?

Also, just a suggestions... I am a gender variant person, but specificity is part of the realm of both reality and fiction. I would have liked to have known (or chosen) my gender preferences and this "cutie"'s gender preference and more specific things about them.

Like the idea of a bi romance game but this didn't work well for me, unfortunately.

Review by caspen81
03 Mar 2014
I was very interested in the concept, but I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do. I can't affect any of the people or objects in the room, and I can't get up and leave. Highly frustrating.

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