Creation Cycle Project: Human by reinapepiada

A human's existence seems to be really fragile and it can shatter like crystal at any given chance. Despite this, they keep on trying to live everyday.
Review by DaNiX88
06 Jul 2015
There is one thing that really irks me about this story: Why the memes? They really take away from what this story is approaching to be, in my opinion. That aside, I thing that there is a lot of potential with this work and I enjoyed traveling through many of its offered choices, many leading to the same outcome, but coming to different endings. I like the ability to restart, but I feel that the game should have a conclusion somehow. It feels unfinished ー or rather, incomplete. If only there was an option (of if there is, more easily found?) that brings a conclusion to this interesting plot, I could rate this fun, albeit short game a 5 (though with the memes, I would definitely take the rating down no matter what the case).

Long story short, take out the memes and add a reachable ending where the player can reflect upon all of their past choices in the game and can grasp an overall meaning (possibly similar to the "finding the girl with the surgical mask" ending?); or simply take out the never-ending "Try Again" link on every "Game Over."

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Published 20 Jun 2015
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