Warrior Cats: Birth to Death 0.1 by Thecatofallcats

This is a WIP for my newest Quest game- Warrior Cats: Birth to Death.

You have all available name options, and there are plenty of dialogue choices that help develop your personality. I recommend not using names of cats already in the story, but do whatever you like.

Unfortunately this is only version 0.1- i'm constantly working on this game though and trying to add more choices. So stick around for version 0.2+ because it will be coming soon!

Please do not rate this game for being short--- this is a mere demo/alpha for the very beginning of this game. I want that to be understood! It is a WIP.
This version will always be changed, I will not make a new project for each update! So please come back and change your review once it updates.

I have drawn the picture shown- please do not take my art, thank you!

Ignore all of the errors- I don't know what is wrong nor how to fix it. The game works fine, so I guess I just need to wait to find out what it is.

(These start at the beginning of the story)

Leader: Willowstar
Deputy: Pinepelt
Medicine Cats: Rosefur, Mossclaw
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Echopaw
Warriors: Dripfrost, Dusknose (Apprentice:Mintpaw), Brackenpelt, Darkeyes, Shineheart (Apprentice: Snakepaw), Sharpcloud (Apprentice: Coldpaw), Breezewatcher (Apprentice: Cherrypaw), Skyspark, Windtuft (Apprentice: Shredpaw), Blackpool
Apprentices: Cherrypaw, Snakepaw, Coldpaw, Mintpaw, Shredpaw
Kits: Nutkit, Frostkit, You
Queens: Hazelfawn
Elders: Goldensun, Badgerstripe, Minnowstream

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