Body Bargain by Amanda Lange

Your surgery went very well. But you couldn't really afford it...

Be aware that this is a work of horror.

This game involves situations that may be violent, distressing, disturbing, or triggering.

This game may involve positive interactions with a violent sociopath. The game may involve elements of coercion and powerlessness. The game is not sexually explicit but does involve some adult language and potentially dark imagery.

The tone this work will take about grim situations is fairly clinical. If any of these things sound like they will upset you, I would advise you not to play.

To the rest of you: enjoy!
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Review by GameofChocolate
13 May 2017
I kept trying but there was 3 paragraphs of waking up sick, and no buttons.

Review by SadTea
29 Jan 2017
Masterfully done.

Review by Vulpixula77
30 Jan 2016
Uncomfortable and creepy. Left me with a slightly disturbed feeling

Review by Otttilie
29 Apr 2015
This game is absolutely brilliant. Although it took me a bit to get through that very first move (remove unit), the game was completely amazing every step of the way. Not one for the faint hearted.

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Amanda Lange
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Published 30 Sep 2012
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