Reviews by Reidolol

Review for YOU ARE A TIGER
22 Dec 2013
No-sense game and too many insult.

Review for Moquette
15 Dec 2013
In the starts i dont not understand the sense of story and i dont know what i need do, but after i understand. The images was been worked.

Review for Memory Path
09 Dec 2013
Still a little confuse but is ok.

Good story!

Review for Night is Falling
16 Nov 2013
good job. this images is good.

Review for Dream Pieces
16 Nov 2013
Very creativy game

short but creative,this the reward

14 Nov 2013
A little problem:
You are at The Intro of the game!.
You can go To the Start of the game!.
Welcome to my very first Text Adventure!

The name of my TA is "Moonlit Mansion" You play as a brave warrior who has been transported by a magical wizard to the mansion! He ordered you to destroy the evil within! Now here's the intro!

The last thing you remember is standing before the wizard Camerus as he pounded his staff into the ground, "GO FORTH BRAVE WARRIOR! DESTROY THE EVIL!" Now here you are, "Moonlit Mansion"

> go Start of the game!
You can't go there.

Review for Oh no!
14 Nov 2013
Bad game. There some problems:
-Many things: Its annoying have many things
-Some things dont work
Everyone will see problems

Review for First Times
06 Nov 2013
creative game,but i dont know what i need do

Review for Relationships
06 Nov 2013
Are the same game.

05 Nov 2013
i cant understand in the start,link of information screen is fake

Review for The Mist
03 Nov 2013
Very good game. Its on portuguese language. Ill do a english version to your und better.

Review for The Intruder
02 Nov 2013
Good game. But short.