Reviews by Scartell

30 Aug 2017
Ahhhh, very nice game. It took me some 15 tries to get to the end, but I made it. It's very funny. :)

Review for Soporification
30 Aug 2017
Your game was pretty good; it was nice and simple. A little "Horror"ific, if you ask me. I think a longer plot or more endings would make this game better.

Review for Who Among Us
26 Aug 2017
Wonderful. I was excited half the game and made it out without dying. :) I'd love to see more.

23 Aug 2017
Awesome game. It's one of my few favourite that requires cold hard logic.

Total Deductive Reasoning Score: 68.4%

I saved Tasha, Amy and Chloe.

Review for SJ Griffin
16 Aug 2017
SJ Griffin is one of the best games I played here. It's very thrilling and fun to play. I think there was a slight bug, when you return the cd package from the first mission to Scorcha and the others, but otherwise it's Fabulous.

Review for The Convergence
11 Jan 2017
I rate this game a 5 cuz it's really awesome, and it was very enjoyable to play. I really look forward to more of your stories!