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Review for Who is Winston?
05 May 2016
Brilliant writing, Timothy. Really well done.
Who the heck is Winston, indeed. Well, after playing through this delicious and intricate a art work twice - just 'cause it is that good - I think I've got a good idea of who Winston is. But for the sake of avoiding spoilers I won't get into that.
A highly recommended game for all one who appreciate great writing, great style and beautiful story telling.
Thank you Timothy!

Yet another zombie story... But hey, this one is fantastically well written! And for that, I salute and congratulate you, Jack.
There really can't be enough praise for Jack Larson's writing style, it really is gorgeous. I just wanted to keep reading and kept wishing I didn't get to the end so that I could keep drinking more of this elixir of prose.
Highly recommended to all those that appreciate good story telling, good writing, and don't mind reading about "yet another zombie story...". I can safely guarantee this one is worth it.
Thank you, Jack!

24 Apr 2016
Great work, State of Bedlam.
Very original, with great visual art and sound design. The dedication and effort put into this is clear from the start, and the way you've introduced the characters and the setting is fantastic.
The story is simple and the goals are clear, and this just goes to show that you do not need to come up with a highly complicated narrative to do a great job - game design wise.
All I can say is I can't wait to try more of State of Bedlam's work!

23 Apr 2016
Thank you for a very entertaining game, Mango art. Highly recommended to all those that appreciate good writing.
This really is a pleasure to read, for it's so damn well written. Love your style, Mango art.
I agree with the comment by flysquirrel775. The game is really not that long. In fact, I have successfuly finished it in less than 10 minutes. The author points out that there are several different endings, so the replayability factor is definitely here.
Awesome work.

Review for Dark Sacrament
22 Apr 2016
It's alright, but leaves one with that most unsettling of feelings that translates into the expression "what could have been...".
There's an unquestionable talent from the authors here, and the potential with this story is sky high.
Unfortunately, the idea is there but the result is everything but solid, and far from satisfying. Simply, because it could have been so much more when you consider the plot and the characters in this one.
I can't wait to see what this talented duo of creators can come up with next.
Thank you, saorwen.

22 Apr 2016
A very short game, based on a very simple premise. Neither of these things are a problem in themselves, depending on how they're delivered and executed.
The issue here is how rushed everything is. You'll come accross life-changing events right at the start that would make a perfect basis for some character development, for example. But the way it is delivered, makes you shrug your shoulders with indifference to said events because there is almost zero focus on them, or their significance.
There is no chance to relate, like, or feel sorry for any of the characters, because from the way they are introduced and "developed" they might as well have been called "character A, character B, etc".
I thank you for this work, pnguyen22, and sincerely hope this honest comment serves as motivation for improvement.

Review for The Dead Zone
22 Apr 2016
Great work, Shannon. Damn impressive for a first time, let me tell you that. If this was the 1st, I can't wait to see what you can do next.
This is recommended for all those that enjoy reading well written pieces of text. The story and plot is solid, the characters are relatable and undoubtedly realistic, and all choices point somewhere logical. There is coherence and consistency here, and this is one that won't disappoint players that, like myself, value immersion and emphasize atmosphere.
Well done and thank you for this fantastic work! :-)

Review for The Beast
22 Apr 2016
A very simple but nonetheless entertaining game. I'd call it a good "quickie Escape Game", really.
Congrats for the work and attention to detail, ParableDood. Absolutely loved the developer's log with all the updates and future projects being included for players to check. These kinds of details are hard to come by :-)
I recommend this one for all those looking for a "5 minute or less" simple kind of narrative.
Keep'em coming, ParableDood!

Review for FNaF Adventure
22 Apr 2016
Several good points here, which are unfortunately outweighted by the bad ones.
Starting with the writing itself, where the lack of punctuation is just painful. The fact that our character drives a Lambo but at the same time works dead-end jobs like night security (?). Of course these facts could be reconciled into a hilarious plot. But they aren't.
Then, there's a sense of just rushing the plot, speeding up whatever story elements appear, just to quickly get into whatever's coming at the amusement park. There is no pacing at all, and because of the "rushed" feeling there is very little atmosphere one is able to feel from the text because everything's so "this happened and this happened and whatever, I just want to get you to the part where the animatronics go berserk".
There's several attempts at humor here (like the "owning a Lambo but working as a night security" I guess), but I feel there is an age difference that impedes me to find it funny. Please believe I'm not saying it's not funny. I'm just pointing out that it isn't funny if the reader is over a certain age, like 30.
The effort is certainly here, and I do wish CatKid will improve and continue to produce more for us, interactive fiction fans. My humble advice is to focus on the writing style. Not just grammar and punctuation, but style. Don't be afraid of constructing "build-ups". Embrace build-ups. Take the reader/player on a journey while making sure they can see, hear, smell everything you describe in your story's universe.

22 Apr 2016
Had to stop as it seems some of the links are not working. Example: "Ignore your mom and pick up your phone, probably something important". That one is not working.
Feels like there could be potential here, although there is room for improvement, especially in the writing itself, with attention needed in regards to grammar and just the overall writing style.
Thank you D-Cool, hope to see more of your work!

Review for This is not a game.
22 Apr 2016
Well I'll be damned. Pretty good and pretty trippy. This one is a little bit like that time you accepted that strange looking thing from a friend of yours who guaranteed you "it's cool, just try it". And then you woke up 8 hours later with parts of your clothing missing, your hair in a disarray and your face sporting a semi-deranged look while trying to figure out where in the hell you were for the last 8 hours and how on earth you got here.
And later on, that same night, you're calling your friend back, going "hey, uhhh, you, uuhhh, you got some more of that stuff?".
Well done Haptic, and thank you for this work. Not sure if we can really categorize it as horror. If there was a category named "Twilight Zone-like", this would fit as a glove.

Review for Zheard
08 Apr 2016
While the effort is certainly there, the plot - and the choices that come with it - are not logical in certain instances. The player is left feeling that he died not because of poor judgement or a bad decision on his part, but because the author really only intended things to go one way.
For example, in chosing to use the tank to block the street, the player lives on to choose the next action to take, but in chosing to use the tank to attack the horde the player is instantly killed because of the noise the tank makes. Why does it make noise when we drive it to attack but it makes no noise if we drive it in order to block the road? It doesn't make sense.
When a developer opts to kill the player because the player chose something the author did not intend - eventhough such a decision would make perfect sense in the real world - the player is left with no confidence that he can complete the game using skill. And the connection with the game, the story, the characters, etc, is immediately lost.
Not recommended, but at the same time I wish MTaylor would not make this his/her last work. As stated in the beginning of this review, the effort is certaily there. And so is the talent.

Review for Bot One Demo
08 Apr 2016
The two start rating here reflects my opinion on the game as a finished product, which as you can see from the reviews below, is extremely short. As in, 4 or 5 sentences and it's done.
As a first game by the author, I'll give it a three star "Ok" rating, but mainly because FaceNuggets is honest in saying this only took 30 minutes to make. However, I can't agree with the author's statement when he/she says "I wanted to see if anyone likes it. (...) I might make another", because - with all due respect - there is nothing here that tells us what you can do. This game consists only of a couple of sentences put together without any thought in regards to story, plot, characters, atmosphere, or anything really.
In short, it's like someone writing two random sentences on a postcard and asking us to say if we like it, and if we like it then the author will write a book. It's impossible to judge your talent from this exercise.
I do, however, honestly want to see more of FaceNuggets' work, and I hope this comment encourages the author to go for it and present us with a taste of what he/she can actually come up with.
Thank you FaceNuggets.

Great effort minecraftpsyco99 :-) I recommend this one not just to FNAF fans but horror fans in general. You can really feel the commitment of the author here. The story is well written and the atmosphere is quite intense. At the same time, it is really humorous in certain parts.
In short, if you want to be entertained with a spooky, light hearted, but consistent story, this one is for you.

P.S. Internet Explorer 9 seems to have trouble displaying or loading text in several parts, particularly after the segment where we look at the camera and find the "IT'S ME!" sign. Choosing to "close THE DOOR!" will not load anything after it.

Review for Abandoned House
08 Apr 2016
This seems to be an unfinished work, and leaves one feeling there was a lack of commitment here. The plot seems rushed and made up without much thought put into it. There is no introduction about story elements and no character development at all. To illustrate the point, you start this "adventure" in the bathroom of the supposed haunted house. Just like that. No explanation about who our character is, nor how did we end up in the toilet of a random house.
I am thinking this was an experimental exercise in Quest, to see how the software works and plays, which is fair enough. I just wish this was referenced by the author, instead of presenting it as a finished and complete work.
Not recommended.

Review for We Speak of Utopia
07 Apr 2016
Good work, KudzuPlantling. This is a very interesting story and the way you tell it, making use of different perspectives, is highly engaging.

The story is short and straight to the point, and it will leave that acidic taste in your mouth that all good mistery/horror stories do.

Review for Sammy
07 Apr 2016
I wish everyone would understand how absolutely amazing this little story is simply from the word "wow". Because that's what I kept saying, over and over, after I finished this short intercative game. Wow. What a story.
I'm so impressed with this work, theverbaltypo, geeez. It's so straight to the point, no beating around the bush. Just, bam. You start reading it and in a couple minutes... it's done.
And you're left in your chair, contemplating the screen, asking yourself "why... why is it over already...".
Gosh. Thank you for this injection of "incredibleness".
P.S. If you are reading this but haven't played "Sammy" yet, stop now. Click that nice big green button up there that reads "PLAY" :-)

07 Apr 2016
Well done Michael, this is a very engaging story. It left me wanting to read more of it and understanding what the blip was going on with this troubled family.

Unfortunately for me, I couldn't reach the end because after a while all text would stop loading, no matter how many times I refreshed the page, or tried using the compatibility settings. I just got javascript error messages in place of new text. I suspect this is due to the browser I'm using (Internet Explorer 9). You might want to take a look at this issue.

Thank you for a wonderful story!

Review for Sticks
07 Apr 2016
Congratulations idostuff, this really is a great story you've come up with. The plot is interesting right from the start, and it had me wanting to continue till the very end to find out what the outcome of it all was going to be. I liked all the characters and the way you were able to introduce them in such a short but effective way.

I highly recommend this interactive story to all horror and mistery fans out there. You will not regret choosing this one. And, as an educational bonus, you'll learn quite a lot about elements that are crucial to horror literature and found in so many (if not all) of your favourite scary movies.