Creature from the Ashen Wood by State Of Bedlam

It is strongly recommended that you download the game rather than play it in the browser. The browser will not preload images and audio. To use the download version, you need to already have Quest on your computer (available here:

Story, art, music, and programming by Roman Snow

This game is played by selecting an option on each page. These options are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Depending on the size of your monitor, you may sometimes have to scroll down to see all the options. An image should load at the top of every page.

The soundtrack can be found here:

Please report any bugs to me or in the comments below.

UPDATE October 19 2016: Fixed a typo in the Night message.

UPDATE March 24 2017: Made some minor corrections to late-game text.

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Review by GameofChocolate
19 Jul 2017
Ok, well I don't generally download these games, so I suppose that may be why I got stuck in the closet unable to leave it. I reloaded several times, and could not leave the closet. I'll rate this a 3 due to some factors:

1. I didn't even know where Ophelia was... I could make myself a meal but not prepare er one and bring it to her.

2. I had a lot of house to explore, and every time I entered a new room, the game would lag.

3. The artwork was alright but it was distracting and took up a lot of the screen, making for a small section in which the text could go.

Sorry if I am reacting a bit harshly, I was just annoyed with the game overall, and my getting permanently stuck didn't help. I don't want to clog down my computer with downloaded text games.. I think the pictures have a lot to do with the lag.

18 Sep 2016
A really impressive experience!- Really thorough effort's been put into making sure this experience works as effectively as possible! The map & graphics help to give a clear view of the layout... Lots of graphics show what's happening clearly, with the actions listed beneath. The controls work great!

The whole game's really refreshing & novel -A very different experience to many of the stories going round, and you don't know what's going to happen next.
I liked the limited locations - It makes your home feel familiar, but trapping... I like how it gives you time to settle in & learn to navigate around, spookier because it all seems so normal to begin with. Sound, and views, are used creepily!

All makes logical sense and is well thought out -I only wish it was expanded a bit more, as it's such a compelling experience. It's a bit easy- especially at night -I thought you would have more to do and have to do things little by little each night, rather than being able to do everything in one go! And I wish a couple more things changed over the days. A bucket breaks? Ophelia gets loose ? But all in all, short though it is, a really well made experience, simple but unique&effective.

Review by MisterRexx
27 Apr 2016
This is probably one of the best text based games i've played in a while. The relatively small map size was nice as I wasn't constantly running about all over the place to do things, and the art style was somewhat childish, but extremely endearing. Wumpy is a really solid character and the endings reflected that, which was really nice. The creature was unnerving and original, and it was nice to play a game in which you establish the creature's 'rules' in order to survive.
I like how eerie you managed to make it, without any jump scares or animation! The first time I played I simply "waited it out" until day five, and it was pretty creepy.
Good job!

Review by Ozzy S.T.
24 Apr 2016
Great work, State of Bedlam.
Very original, with great visual art and sound design. The dedication and effort put into this is clear from the start, and the way you've introduced the characters and the setting is fantastic.
The story is simple and the goals are clear, and this just goes to show that you do not need to come up with a highly complicated narrative to do a great job - game design wise.
All I can say is I can't wait to try more of State of Bedlam's work!

Review by XanMag
23 Feb 2016
Unique. Nice artwork. A little simple. It's a nice change of pace when compared to most games I play/sample here.

Well done.

Review by Nero
06 Feb 2016
Good artwork, and the whole map was well thought. some inconsistencies though. At first I didn't mind the sound thinking it was just for the front screen, had to mute after 45 seconds of it.

Review by flysquirrel775
02 Feb 2016
Beautiful artwork with intense storyline. I absolutely loved it! Good job!

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